Why Religious Education is More than an Investment in Your Child’s Future

If you want to fast-track the maturity of young people nowadays, enrolling them in this program at St Paul University is one good option.

A Catholic Religious Education is Meaningful and Life-changing.  Do you know why?

The quick answer lies in this:   it involves the study of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and on it hinges the holiness of many souls.

SPUQC’s Catholic Religious Education Program is a four-year program that provides students with a holistic view of the Catholic Faith as it relates it to family and social issues.  It is anchored on the Catholic Teachings and the Paulinian Core Values of: Christ-Centered, Commission,  Community, Charism and Charity.  It offers a systematic and organic catechesis that nurtures the life of faith of the Paulinians.

Graduates at St Paul University are often involved in academic institutions, local religious ministries, parochial and missionary work. Experienced practitioners provide professional services addressing the needs of missionary commitments with careers in local and international charity, development and aid work.


The program’s learning outcomes:

The  Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education (ABRE) graduates are able to present the relevance of scripture and theology to real life, the world and issues confronting the human person, ecology, the significance of Catholic teachings in day-to-day living and lead people to prayer and encounter with Jesus;

Since this is an Education program, there is a wide range of teaching process and skills based on CHED regulations. These include the preparation of course syllabi and a delivery of a well-prepared lesson plan in actual teaching situation following NCDP catechetical guidelines;


  • Adopting innovative approaches in religious education classes and using extensively the available multimedia resources to help the students develop confidence and give models of heroic sanctity
  • They demonstrate sensitivity and respect for concerns in cultures, values, perspectives, traditions, faith-expressions, political views other than one’s own;  They should be able to. identify unjust situations and advocate restoration of justice, respect for human dignity and life, among others;

With all these skills honed through constant research, collaboration and practicum in the SPUQC grade school and another educational institution outside the campus, there is sense of fulfilment in every class.

Contact us today to discover if this Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education is for you. Scholarships are available.

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