Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

   Ingenious Solutions and Artful Ideas

              As early as AD 105, how to make paper had been discovered by an official of the Chinese Imperial Court.  Parchment then was made from the hide of sheep or calf (vellum). The ancient Egyptians had later used papyrus, made from reeds.  
              Until 1850, the basic raw material was linen and cotton rags which made excellent paper. But by then demand was growing so rapidly that a new raw material was needed.  Wood pulp was the answer.
         But it was only in 17th century when German engravers showed a paper mill of the time. Fast forward three centuries later, paper-making has been mass produced in huge factories with a quadrupled scale, power, and capacity, and recycling was introduced for sustainability.
 This classic case is an example of a simple natural resource discovered in ancient civilization, traveled the world, sold in volumes, propelled economies  and manufactured through technology.
               Such is the flow of idea from any enterprise.
               This is what the SPUQC’s Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship is banking on when it introduced the program.
  It  is designed to produce entrepreneurs who possess the knowledge and skills of visioning and more.
            A host of soft skills is now part and parcel of a modern-day organization.  These are more commonly known as strategic planning and managing, exercising creativity, innovation and total quality management and role modeling a deep sense of integrity, social responsibility and fairness in his/her business community.
            Like the ancient inventors, business came as a result of responding to a great need or a pain point.  Prospective entrepreneurs can scan the environment to identify relevant business opportunities from an existing untapped market.  There is still a lot more of new business models that can be designed with the changing face and complexity of the marketplace.
             Entrepreneurs participate in the generation of new knowledge or in research, creative pursuits and development projects.  If they do it right — and if they studied in the right school — it won’t be long before they turn in a profit.

         More importantly, each of these new specializations in the undergraduate program comes with the Straight Master in Business Administration which can be finished in 5 years. That’s like finishing two degrees (undergraduate and graduate studies) in less time!


New Specialization:  BS in Social Entrepreneurship (3.5 years)


B.S. Social Entrepreneurship is a four-year degree program designed to involve the underprivileged sector as a part of the entrepreneurial activities of the students.  It is a course where CSR is already engrained right from the start of the course.

Like any business program that highlights the importance of turning in profit, Bachelor of Science in Social Enterprise does not veer away from this as well.

It adds to it with a value proposition that targets an underserved, neglected or highly disadvantaged population that lacks the financial means or political clout to achieve the transformative benefits on its own.

As this program may be considered a pioneer course with no history to analyze trends, SPUQC is creating a market a niche in this particular area and one that is responsive to an identified local need.  At present, there is no other school or higher education institution that offers a Social Entrepreneurship program in the academe.  SPUQC is trailblazing and a catalyst of its own Paulinian mission.   

The Bachelor of Science in Social Entrepreneurship program hopes to develop aspiring social entrepreneurs who will apply business strategic tools to empower communities and enable markets to achieve social benefits. 

Another New Specialization: Restaurant Management (3.5 years)

Restaurants have mushroomed in every corner.  This came about as lifestyle changes.

There is no better combination than to get the love for culinary arts (cookery, baking and entertaining) and the penchant for business rolled in one passion.  Hence, this new specialization for Restaurant Management under the Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship. 

After all, a restaurant manager should understand the business operations, culinary math, managing people, public relations, inventory, dealing with staff, and customer service.  It is no surprise that a restaurant owner doubles as the manager.

The new specialization is answering an urgent need.  Many business owners get lost in the nitty gritty of business operations and in attending to the administrative demands when the complexities of managing a restaurant require a completely different skill set. Marrying the two has become a huge challenge. 

With this new program, SPUQC comes to the rescue of restaurant owners in distress.  Enroll now!