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All levels of education at SPUQC are co-educational.

It used to be an exclusive school for girls.   But beginning in 2005, the Quezon City campus opened its doors once again to accept male students  initially in Grade School then to other grade levels in the succeeding years thereafter.   Check our current Levels and Programs on this page.   You might find more answers in our FAQs below.

Pre-school to Grade 6

Junior High School to Senior High School

College Programs

Graduate Studies

Pre-school to Grade 6

This area covers the Early Childhood Education, Kindergarten and the whole grade school years from Grades 1 to 6.

High School

With the advent of the new program curriculum of K-12, the High School education has been divided into Junior and Senior High School levels. Junior High School starts at Grade 7.

College Programs

Programs are grouped under Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts.

Graduate Studies

Our programs ensure the students have plenty of real life examples through field studies, program internships and industry linkages.

Admission Requirements

         We require all applicants to bring the original documents or certified true copies for authentication purposes.

If you require further information about which program is the best fit for you, please feel free to contact us directly:

St. Paul University Quezon City Contact Number

Direct line:  +632 727 3192

Trunkline: +632  726-7986 to 88 local 183

Mobile: +63 917 5898286


  FB/Twitter/Instagram:  stpaulqcinforaduar

Admission Office Hours 

Mondays to Fridays; 

8:00AM to 5:00PM

Saturdays: 8:00AM-12:00PM


List of Requirements for Pre-school

NSO Birth Certificate (photocopy)

Baptismal Certificate (photocopy)

Colored ID pictures:  

  two (2) copies of  size 2 x 2

  two (2) copies of  size 1 x 1

Duly accomplished application form by the parent or guardian

Testing fee of PHP400


The year of early childhood education is optional.   DepEd only requires the entry level of Kindergarten. Early childhood applicants should already be at least 4 years old.

List of Requirements for Kindergarten

Latest report card (photocopy)

Baptismal certificate (photocopy)

Colored ID pictures (name written at the back)

-Two copies of size 2 x 2

-Two copies of size 1 x 1

Testing fee of PHP400

Note: Applicants are five years old

List of requirements for Grade school

Grade school consists of Grades 1 to 6, where the child starts at 6 or 7 years old.

Latest report card (photocopy)

Baptismal certificate

Colored ID pictures

-Two copies of size 2 x 2

-Two copies of size 1 x 1

Duly accomplished application form

Testing fee of PHP400

List of Requirements for High School
For Junior High School (covers Grades 7 to 10)

Latest report card (photocopy)

Baptismal certificate

Colored ID pictures

-Four copies of size 1 x 1

One long brown envelope

Duly accomplished application form

Testing fee of PHP400

For Senior High School (covers Grades 11 to 12)

  Latest report card (photocopy)

  Baptismal certificate

  Colored ID pictures

     -Two copies of size 2 x 2

     -Two copies of size 1 x 1

  One long brown envelope

  Duly accomplished application form

  Testing fee of PHP400

List of Requirements for Undergraduate Programs (College)

Original form 138 or PEPT/NFE Certificate (no incomplete or failing grades)

Photocopies of the following:

– NSO Birth certificate

– Baptismal Certificate

NCAE results

Colored ID pictures

     -Two copies of size 2 x 2

     -Two copies of size 1 x 1

  One long brown envelope

  Duly accomplished application form

  Testing fee of PHP400

*Upon enrollment, please surrender the final report card (must be original)

List of Requirements for Technical-Vocational Programs

Note:  Applicants should proceed to the Center for Career Development for Admission to TESDA-accredited programs

Two (2) copies of 1 x 1 photo

Six (6) copies of 2 x 2 photo

If married, please attach the copy of Marriage Certificate (photocopy)

Please refer to the Center for Career Development for details on the current program offerings.

List of Requirements for Transferees

For incoming sophomores:

No grade below 80%

Certificate of transfer eligibility from the previous school

Original copy of Honorable Dismissal from the previous school

He/She should have enrolled or completed one full year (or 2 semesters) in only one school in his/her entire freshman year.

For BS Nursing applicants:  He/she should pass the Nursing Students Qualifying Exam and sign a waiver indicating agreement that only subjects with the same course description as those of SPUQC and which meet the cut-off grade of 83% will be credited.

List of Requirements for Foreign Students

Certificate of Eligibility from DepEd

Photocopy of Alien Certificate Registration (ACR I-CARD) [pls spell out]

Five (5) copies of the student’s Personal History Statement

Notarized affidavit of support including bank statement

Scholastic records authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post located in the applicant’s country of origin &/or legal services

Photocopy of Data page of the applicant’s passport showing date and place of birth. This page should be stamped or authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post of the Department of Foreign Affairs

Birth Certificate / Alien Certificate Registration (ACR)

Student visa

Download the application forms below

Basic Education Application Form

For an easier application, you may download the form here, fill out and bring the signed form along with the other required documents.

Recommendation Form

We are eager to meet you. However, it would be good to learn more about you from someone who knows you very well. He/she can be your Guidance Counselor or Homeroom Adviser.

College or Graduate Studies Application Form

Kindly download the form, print and accomplish.  Please bring the signed form along with the other requirements when you come to SPUQC.

Admission Procedure

Follow these steps when applying at SPUQC:

1.    Present the required documents to the Center for Admissions and Linkages together with the original and photocopy of Form 138 (Report Card).  Check the complete list of requirements per level.

2.    Pay the application and testing fees at the Finance Office.

3.    Present the official receipt of payment to the Guidance Office. Secure a testing form  and an information form for  Personal Data file.

4.     Complete the testing form to secure the examination permit and testing schedule.

5.      Bring and submit the accomplished Personal Data File and Recommendation Form secured from the Guidance Office on the examination day.

6.      Take the entrance examination (and English Proficiency test for international students) at the Guidance Testing Center.

7.      Proceed to the Program Chair’s Office for the interview.  If the applicant qualified for the program, secure permit to enroll from the interviewing officer/Program Chair.

8.       Present permit to enroll to the Office of the Registrar for reservation.

9.       Pay the reservation fee at the Finance Office.  Reservation fee is non-refundable but is   deductible from the total fees when enrollment is made official.

10. Return the permit to enroll form to the Office of the Registrar to confirm the reservation.


Frequently Asked Questions 

When is the start of the school year?

The school year opens on different dates for different levels.  Please take note of the pre-opening orientation dates for parents and students and actual opening of classes.  Check out the complete schedule here

Is there an online application?

We regret to inform you that all applications are done on personal appearance.

What are the admission requirements?

Please refer to the lists above.   Look for your respective Department or Level and click on the  +  to unravel  the  drop-down menu of admission requirements.

What is the tuition schedule for the different departments and programs?

Tuition in the different departments may vary from program to program depending on the laboratory subjects.  

Books, notebooks, uniform, STEP-UP interest club fees are exclusive of the miscellaneous and are prescribed and bought in school.  

Fees are paid on cash, semester’s, and monthly basis.

What are the steps for enrolment?

The list above will walk you through the admission procedure that we follow at SPUQC.           The Center for Admissions and Linkages is the frontline for all initial inquiries as regards application.  For specific questions pertinent to the Undergraduate program, we encourage you to go directly to the respective Dean or Director to obtain answers.

Did the school change its name?

Formerly, SPUQC was referred to as St Paul College Quezon City (SPCQC).   So, only the acronym changed from SPCQC to SPUQC.   The school has retained its identity and has the same mission since its inception. 

On February 9, 2004, a certificate of recognition was given by the Commission of Higher Education (CHED) to St. Paul University System of which SPCQ is a founding member, thus, changing its name to St. Paul University Quezon City.

Can boys enroll at SPUQC? 

Yes, SPUQC has started accepting male students again in the Grade School Department since June 2005.   One year later, the College Department opened its doors to male students.    So, SPUQC has been a co-educational school for more than a decade now.

Unknown to many, as early as July 1946, the Grade School Department opened with 150 boys and girls.  The phase-out of the boys’ section in the Grade School Department happened in mid-1950’s.   Hence, SPCQC became an exclusive school for girls for five decades.  Our school has seen many changes in its composition as history would attest.

Are scholarships available?

Scholarships are granted to Senior High School and College students.  The following are the stipulations:

  • For Senior High School, the applicant may avail of the full scholarship provided that he/she comes from the public school system and belongs to the top ten of the graduating batch of not less than 200 students. The scholarship is available to the first ten (10) public school completers on a first-come; first-served basis
  • College scholarship comes from Underwood Scholarship Foundation and the Grant-in-Aid scholarship given by the University (For Religious Education students only).
  • Unified Student Financial Assistance for Tertiary Education (UniFast) Act- The UniFast Act provides students currently enrolled in a SUC, CHED recognized local college or university (LCU), or state-run technical-vocational institution, free tuition and school fees. (RA 10687) For a detailed list of requirements, please visit SPUQC’s Center for Admissions and Linkages.


(1) Applicants for scholarship must obtain at least the score required by the Board for the Qualifying Examination System for Scoring Students and other qualifying scholarship examinations for specific courses.   (2) Applicants who wish to pursue a technical-vocational course (TVET) must have at least ten (10) years of basic education or its equivalent, and must pass the initial TESDA screening/profiling or assessment procedure, trade test, or skills competency evaluation.

What does Autonomous Status mean for SPUQC?

It simply means that CHED recognized the institution’s high standards of excellence and integrity that it granted SPUQC “Autonomous Status” in December 2001.  That  status was again granted by CHED on May 18, 2017.  The grant is valid until May 2019.

The Autonomous Status is the highest grant given by CHED.   Among the benefits of the grant include the prerogative to determine curricular programs and offer extension classes, establish linkages through distance education, be exempted from the issuance of special order for its graduates and grant an honorary degree to deserving personalities.  SPUQC  will also be prioritized in subsidies and other financial incentives from CHED.

Is there financial aid granted to some students younger than the Senior High School age?

There is financial assistance granted to high school students.  For incoming Grade 7 from SPUQC grade school and other schools, a certain amount is deducted from the net tuition. The scholarship given by PEAC to Junior High School students extends until Grade 10.   Such assistance is available to accredited schools.

The Arts Center

The SPUQC Arts Center supports the right-brain inclination and talent of all students. The programs in the Center are open to Kinder to the Graduate School students who would like to pursue developing their musical and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.

Students who cannot enroll in the regular PE classes due to physical and physiological limitations may enroll in any of the lessons in the Arts Center as their Alternative PE class.

The Center caters to both on-campus and off-campus applicants.

Short Classes offered at the Arts Center

Guitar (12 sessions)

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The SPUQC Arts Center supports the right-brain inclination and talent of all students. The programs in the Center are open to Kinder to the Graduate School students who would like to pursue developing their musical and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.

Violin (6 sessions)

ba course

Voice/Piano (12 sessions)

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Ballet (12 sessions)