Early Childhood Education (ECE)

The ECE program accepts pupils who are 4 years old and trains them in their intellectual, social, emotional and physical faculty given their age capacity.

Advance lessons are also part of the preparation to ascertain that they are prepared in their entry level skills for Kindergarten.

The department does not negate special talents and skills, reason for the Step Program of the Basic Education Department.


The KINDER program caters to children age 5.  

It includes varied learning contents and activities geared towards the realization of their social orientation, the nurturing of Gospel and its objectives.

Christian Living is integrated in all learning areas. The STEP Program is picked up by the Grade level to further hone their skills and talents.

Grade School

The GRADE SCHOOL program is divided into two levels: the primary (Grade1-3) and the Intermediate (Grade4-6).

The OBE (Outcome-based Education) is pursued by the University to specifically define the terminal and the entry level skills of the pupils, respectively.

The STEP Program further develops and hones the talents and skills of students. Curriculum enhancement includes MathScore for Mathematics, Achieve 3000 for English (grades 1-3 only), Aralinks LMS and Aralinks Coding Education (ACE)  across all subjects.