Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Managing people, resources, diversity and organizations

            The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Program offers these new 3.5 year-specializations namely,  Marketing Management and Human Resource Development.


         Marketing Management is for students who are interested in the stories and strategies that make global trends, ideas and products.  
        Graduates of this specialization learn to strategize for profits, productivity and consumer well-being as espoused by  the Paulinian core values, impressive learning modules and a laboratory that simulates the reality.
          Human Resource Management is for students who are fascinated by people and organizational culture.  Graduates of this specialization learn how to optimize people performance and manage diversity to enhance an organization’s productivity and social responsibility.  
     Careers under this program include the following:
Human Resource Officer, Recruitment Specialist, Training Officer, Administrative Officer, High-level Virtual Administrative Personnel, Community Relations Officer, Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator, Employee Engagement Specialist, HR Manager, Building Manager, Human Resource Director, Program Manager, Executive Director
       The different subjects under the Bachelor of Business Administration are as follows:
      The emphasis of the Principles of Management and Organization is on the major functions of management such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling as applied in different business situations.
       Business Finance, on the other hand, covers the basics of optimizing the owner’s wealth and touches on the principles of money, credit and banking.
        The fundamentals of accounting include a very important skill needed by managers, that of being able to read and interpret correctly the information found on financial statements.
        Human Resources Management and Human Behavior in Organization,  as a course subject, deal with the importance of leadership and supervision, how to motivate one’s subordinates and the manager himself for greater harmony and productivity in the workplace.
         The Principles of Marketing provides students a rich depth of practical examples and applications, showing major decisions that marketing managers confront in their efforts to balance the company’s business objectives and resources against needs and opportunities in the marketplace.  This is a pre-requisite to Strategic Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications.
         Other important subjects include the healthy mix of business communication and management information systems, professional salesmanship coupled with product and brand management, retail with franchise management, and international business and export marketing.
      Your search for the best bachelor degree in Business Administration ends here specially after considering that these new specializations come with a Straight Master in Business Administration which can be finished in five years.  You get to obtain two degrees in less time!
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