The Christian Formation Office

About Christian Formation 

St. Paul University Quezon City is concerned with the life of faith of every member of the Paulinian family.

A Christian Formation faithful to the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres (SPC), it is designed to help each one know and understand, pray and celebrate, share and serve so as to live their life to the full.

The Christian Formation as “a way life and a process” has specifically defined important areas for us to achieve a really holistic formation that would address the true meaning of our Christian identity of living our life with God forever. We always desire to appreciate and sincerely practice the living out of our Catholic faith in our daily life.

Faithful to the Church’s vision of Catholic School and Catholic Education, and the Mission Statement of Paulinian Education Ministry, the Christian Formation Program upholds the following 3 components: Religious Education Program, Campus Ministry, and Community Extension Services.

Religious Education Program

We undertake to provide students solid instruction in the Catholic Faith presented in 3 dimensions: doctrine, morals, and worship grounded on Sacred Scriptures, Church Teaching and human experience with a definite goal of leading the Paulinians to maturity in their life of faith.

Campus Ministry

This addresses the spiritual and sacramental needs of the whole SPU Community. It takes charge of the liturgical ministry, retreats and recollections, and Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) in the campus.

Community Extension Services

We provide Paulinians plenty of opportunities for social immersion and apostolic involvement.  Through these community extension services, we assist in the development of people towards self-reliance, empowerment and active participation in promoting the basic welfare of the community.

Featured Events under this Office

Throughout the year, we have Paulthenics which is another dimension of the total Christian formation. A student’s well-being and human condition are developed through his/her heightened awareness and involvement in the Paulthenics activities.

Growth in one’s Interior Life

Strong Collaboration with Others

Personal & Communal Responsibility 


Nurture the Appreciation for Life


Paulthenics Program

Paulinian education is committed to facilitate the holistic formation of the students by striving to provide academic excellence, psycho-spiritual, moral, socio-cultural development of individual learners.

This effort is geared toward grounding Paulinians on Christ-centered spirituality.  The Paulthenics Program is a unique feature of the curriculum aimed at enhancing and enriching the understanding of self and the entire history of the life of St. Paul and the St. Paul of Chartres Congregation.

The program gives the Paulinians the confidence as they move in the Paulinian environment and provide the prospect, likewise to understand their roles as young adults who shall be engaged in the practice of leadership and their profession. 

Integrated in the program are advocacy, spiritual and community outreach activities, making certain total development.  

For Higher Education, the program is divided into four (4) modules that run across four semesters. Two modules are developed for the freshmen and two for the juniors.