Bachelor of Science in Biology Program

Wonders of the Medical World and Everyday Miracles

Biology Courses Ask the Life-and-Death Questions

      Important questions such as  “How can antibiotics kill bacteria?  How do doctors perform microsurgery?  How do they transplant organs? How can a pacemaker help a heart patient to lead a normal life?” are extraordinary feats that have become ordinary events.
      Thanks to the advances in medical science. These everyday miracles have transformed the treatment of diseases and made possible previously unthought-of operations.  Surgeons work with laser beams and with the help of microscopes. Artificial organs provide renewed life.
      And latest discoveries to cancer and environment sciences are prolonging and preserving human lives.  
     SPUQC’s Bachelor of Science in Biology Program is a fascinating course for those who want to pursue a career in scientific research, academe and product development.
     Our well-equipped laboratories enhance the learning experience for our students and make the program a good preparatory course for further studies in Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Environment Science and other allied medical professions.
       Our graduates are often involved in relevant research and product innovations in the fields of Agriculture, Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Food Production and Biomedicine.
      Paulinians who earn a Bachelor’s degree in Biology learn the foundations to practice ways to improve the quality of life for people and communities while promoting environmental stewardship.

      Some modern-day careers in this field are researchers, physician’s assistant, science teacher, information officer, inventor, bio-engineering apprentice, environment officer, scientific journal writer, scientific publications editor, laboratory manager.  

      You may be the next Marie Curie or Louis Pasteur of 21st century innovation.   Start your career at SPUQC now.

With these choices narrowed down for you, deciding should be easy!

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