We equip you with relevant skills in Information Technology


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

At SPUQC’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, we acknowledge that the school is the first and best place to learn information communications technology.

The purpose of IT in education is generally to familiarize students with the use and workings of computers, how they function and contribute to a fast and efficient way of doing things.

Networks Have No Borders

Although we acknowledge the great benefits brought by IT, recent breaches in cybersecurity dominated the headlines worldwide.

Cyberattacks have crossed borders and have affected the following industries:  bank and financing, entertainment, manufacturing, geopolitics, and digital marketing, to name a few.
We saw how their covert operations infiltrated systems that have great economic costs on large organizations caught private and public agencies unawares.   These cyberattacks reached new levels never before seen.  
We now live in a world where fake news dominate. We saw how these have influenced national elections. These new developments have required us to introduce new skills at SPUQC.

New IT Skills that You Will Learn from this Program

Software Programming for Business Integration

Virus and Spyware Removal

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Network Design

Website Design & Development

Cyber Security

Two New Specializations


Game Development


New Specialization in Cybersecurity 

The Bachelor of Science in IT with a specialization in Cybersecurity is one of the latest program offerings under this undergraduate degree.

New terminologies such as cryptocurrencies, encryption, Wikileaks, third party software libraries, ransomware, and corporate espionage may sound like scripts coming from a blockbuster movie.  But these are tactics and techniques that have broken cyberspace and now require immediate intervention from Governments.

SPUQC Innovates and Acts on Cyber Malaise

 We expect a deepening of these complicated cybercrimes happening more and more.

SPUQC, in partnership with the Department of Information Communications Technology, loses no time in applying street-smart prudence for this particular specialization.

The specialization will broaden knowledge of the integration of hardware, software, policies and standards.

It focuses on the global, national and enterprise infrastructure which include the architecture of the internet, computer and cellular networks.

General Concept of Information Security and Risk

Privacy, Systems Assurance, Regulatory Compliance and Commercial Insurance Implications.

National Cybersecurity Policies, Strategies and Structures

International Approaches to Assess Risks & Responsibility

Multiple Roles and Impact to Modern Life, Statecraft and Global Communications


New Specialization in Game Development

Video gaming has become such a big part of the lives of young people that it cannot be ignored. On the contrary, the use of video games has been studied extensively, from various angles: as tools for learning maths, in teaching social sciences, developing digital skills and even promoting emotional literacy among gamers.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Techology with a specialization in Game Development  covers an introduction to the electronic game design and development careers.  It provides an introductory overview of the game industry and the development process.

Students will learn the language of design, how to think like a designer, how to judge between good and bad design execution, and where to go for additional resources of specialized design practice.

The course covers the standard data representation and algorithms to solve computing problems efficiently.  It also includes the processing and presentation of information in a more structured and understandable manner using multimedia systems like software tools to create and manipulate the media elements

Effective Writing Principles for Creating Storyboards that Communicate Overall Picture, Timing, Scene Complexity, Emotion and Resource Requirements

Application Development that Targets Multiple Platforms across Range of Devices

How to Load, Display, Animate Models and Collision Detection between Objects

Physics, Input, Graphical User Interface

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The undergraduate programs finish in 3 years. With the new specialization, you finish in 3.5 years only.