Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting

This course is designed to provide Accountancy students with basic knowledge of financial accounting systems and business management which specifically covers planning, analysis, design, and implementation.  

Financial Planning

Strategic Management

Audit Defense

The course introduces students to the systems that underlie bookkeeping, accounting, financial reporting, tax reporting, and auditing in all business firms. Somewhat like a bachelor of business management but heavily grounded on finance.

Such systems are increasingly complex and in a continual state of flux due to rapidly changing technologies and security risks.

In this course, the students learn about the development standards and practices for finance, managing people and resources and gain hands-on experience on the tools and actual running of business operations in different industries. A few of the core subjects are discussed below.


Fundamentals of Accounting

What is quite unique in this program is the Bridging Course which gives a focused learning program designed to prepare entry-level college students, specifically those who just graduated from senior high school, for the pace and standards of tertiary-level Accounting education.

In this bridging course, stress is placed on  understanding the reasons underlying basic accounting concepts and providing students with an adequate background on the recording, classification, and summary of data.


It’s Never Too Early or Late to Start to Learn Finance

Many run away from finance because the jargon and the methods look daunting.

This course will put them in a simpler context and will do a thorough walk-through on the value of doing financial forecasting, planning and control, working capital management, capital structure issues, sources of short-term and long-term financing.    After all, every entrepreneur needs to start with these knowledge and skills.

Turn defense into “proactive mindset”

Do You Know How to Avoid a Sticky Situation?

Everything that involves an exchange of money, services be bound by a contract that defines the transaction. Such a relationship is enshrined in a common term as the law of obligations and contracts.

Appreciating the nuances and value of the legal documents while in college is a step in the right direction.


We Keep Everything Organized For You In One Place

You probably first heard this advice from your mother: Have a place for everything and everything in its place.

This course is the best training ground to live this virtue of Order.  Management Accounting is a foundation for rational decision making and problem solving across disciplines and functional areas.  It starts with discipline, of course.

Tools & Resources

Use These Tools to Manage Your Own Finances and your Life, eventually.

Gone are the days when the calculator would suffice in balancing the books.

Now with all the accounting software and productivity tools, project management, budgeting and bookkeeping should be easier.

The course introduces the latest software programs and apps along with new methods to record, analyze, and report on gains and losses.

The course offers a lot more:  taxation, strategic business analysis, governance, business ethics, risk management and internal control.


At first, these may all sound Greek to you.  But after 3.5 years of specializing in this program, you can run your own startup or a mid-size corporation.  Everything is possible. Contact us today!