The Graduate Studies

Master in Business Administration

If you’ve ever lived in a city, you know that getting around can be a challenge.

Traffic jams, overflowing parking lots, crammed MRT cars, long queues at terminal stations during rush hours.  All these challenges happen on a daily basis.

Come to think, starting a business is not so different from surviving the daily grind.  Like the challenges of living in a city, managing a business can be quite overwhelming even for someone who has had years of working in a corporate world.

This is the main reason why the Master in Business Administration at SPUQC is a must for any professional who would like a leg up in his career.  

Master of Arts in Psychology

Why focus on Psychology?

Psychology embraces the many factors that influence behavior – from sensory experience to complex cognition, from the role of genetics to that of social and cultural environments, from the processes that explain behavior in early childhood to those that operate in older ages, and from normal development to pathological conditions.

We can give more by offering MA Psychology

There is a lot that we can do to influence others suffering from clinical depression by offering this program.

Our Philosophy


Impact Comes First

Unique qualities of these graduate programs allow us to cater to service-oriented professions. SPUQC precisely chose to offer these courses so they can have more impact in society.


Honest Communication

St Paul launched into daring intiatives so as to reach many.  What made him truly effective was that he exercised honest communication.  This is the same philosophy we follow in undertaking these Graduate programs.  We will be thorough and daring in our researches and in pushing novel ideas to reach more.


Committed to Excellence

We commit to serve and excel in what we do. Moreover, at SPUQC, we go beyond the technical aspects of the field. We take into consideration how to equip our students with work ethics that value and respect the people they interact with.