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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

With so many heated debates happening in the local political scene and so much confusion arising in today’s geopolitics, a Paulinian taking up this  AB Course is trained to be serene in order to think well on his feet.  Aside from using the scientific method and logical inference, a Political Science student analyzes and gives his synthesis with the aim of influencing public policy and public opinion.

Systematic Analysis of Political Theories & Frameworks

As the popular saying goes, there are many ways to skin a cat, there are numerous analytical and theoretical frameworks and approaches that deal with how politics is studied and how political understanding is acquired. This BA degree is a perfect introduction. 

Philippine Political Experience

As colorful as the drama that unfolds on a regular basis on the top executive, judiciary, and legislative branches of Government, the Philippine political experience can give students fresh insights in understanding contemporary issues in Philippine politics, government and society.

Comparative Politics: SEA, Europe and the Philippines

The current period of ASEAN integration makes this program much more relevant.  This includes a critical examination of the political systems in the different countries in Southeast Asia. The second part is the application of political insights through a comparative study of governance.

The Research Proposal

A  close look on the political parties, movements, interest groups and dynamics here and abroad span 3 years of this program.  A research proposal at St Paul University Quezon City becomes an integration of key lessons but putting it in a perspective of how politics & governance have affected the ordinary lives of constituents.

Brew the Perfect Research Inquiry Early in the Game

Acquire the habit of reading the news from the local sources and the international tribunes.  Better yet, understand the real score on issues and apply in this Bachelor of Arts in Political Science! Call us today.

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