The Center for Career Development (CCD)

Offers these Short Courses in Great Demand

Urgent needs for Food and Beverage Course, Caregiver Course, Massage Therapy, and Administrative Assistant are so common nowadays.

The Center for Career Development responds to this call for hardworking workers that come from these fields. SPUQC opens its doors to brilliant men and women who can’t afford the full tuition fee of a college degree but can get a head start with technical-vocational courses recognized by TESDA.

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The Philosophy behind CCD

Aligned with the university’s education philosophy, SPUQCdevelops a social value proposition and brings to bear inspiration, creativity, fortitude, and direct action through its programs.

The Center for Career Development (CCD) features short term professional courses under TESDA NC II. These certificate programs are intended for high school graduates who need to take up skills that help them become job-ready after two years of studies.

Or some would like to expand their skills and take up additional short term certificate programs after graduation or after taking up a full-time work as a result of a need in the family or for economic reasons. These best short term courses below selected by SPUQC respond to these needs.

The Best Short-term Courses & Skills under the Center for Career Development


The graduate of this program is expected to:

  • Provide care and support to infants / toddlers, children, elderly and people with special needs, in private or public institutions or private homes.
  • Foster physical, social, intellectual, creative and emotional development of children.
  • Maintain healthy and safe environment.
  • Respond to emergency.
  • Perform various tasks, including home management.

Executive Assistantship

The graduate of this program is expected to:

  • Acquire and demonstrate state-of-the-art information technology, knowledge and skills (organizational, effective written and oral communication), that will enable him to effectively support an Executive in any organization
  • Perform administrative technical and clerical duties.
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills with clients, chief Executive officers and top level managers, with personal discretion and integrity.

Food and Beverage Services

The graduate of this program is expected to:

  • Provide food and beverage service to guests in various food and beverage service facilities
  • Prepare the dining room / restaurant areas for service
  • Welcome guests and take food and beverage orders
  • Promote food and beverage products
  • Provide room service
  • Receive and handle guest concerns


The graduate of this program is expected to:

  • Prepare hot (such as, stocks sauces and soups) and cold (such as appetizers, salads and dressing, sandwiches) meals, various dishes (meat, vegetables, egg, starch, poultry and game, seafood) and desserts for guests in various food and beverage service facilities.
  • Package prepared food.
  • Maintain cleanliness of kitchen areas

Wellness Massage

This Hilot (wellness massage) NC II qualification consists of competencies that a person must achieve to plan the hilot wellness program of client/s.  After graduation, he is expected to:

  • Provide pre-service to client/s
  • Apply hilot wellness massage techniques
  • Provide post advice on post-services to clients

Massage Therapy

The graduate of this program is expected to:

  • Develop massage practice.
  • Perform client consultation.
  • Perform body massage to clients towards their wellness
  • Maintain and organize tools, equipment, supplies and entire work area

The Center for Career Development takes care of applicants who graduated from High School but could not pursue a college education.

All courses in the CCD are TESDA-recognized and subject to TESDA national certification (NC II).  The CCD coordinates with TESDA for scholarships and graduate assessment to make sure that they (graduates) are recognized for employment here and abroad.

Let's Work Together!

The initiatives of the university in several periods of its history have focused on product and process improvements that comprised of offering new courses, new programs and accreditation of degree programs. 

SPUQC: A TESDA – Accredited Assessment Center






Php 500.00

8 hours



Php 1,300.00

8 hours



Php 585.00

8 hours