St. Paul University Quezon City’s

University Library

The resources and services of St. Paul University Quezon City Library support the academic programs of the university. 

As a unit, it endeavors to facilitate the educational process and to provide adequate resource materials that will contribute to the total development of the Paulinian.

For a complete list of latest book acquisitions and online journals, please read more below.  Getting acquainted with the library rules and regulations is a good place to start before you browse and begin with your research. 

If you have any questions, just approach any staff librarian and they’ll be glad to assist you.

The Library Hours

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM  Monday to Friday

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Saturday


SPUQC University Library is located on the entire second floor  of the St. Paul Building facing Gilmore Avenue and 3rd Street. 

There is another library for the Basic Education department.

Who can use the Library?

  • All registered and bona fide students of the university
  • Full-time and part-time faculty members
  • Non-teaching staff
  • Administrative and Academic officials of the University
  • Visiting researchers with referral letter
Who are our Library Staff Librarians?
Ainna Marrie Ildefonso Basic Education Librarian
Angela Sandoval College Librarian (Circulation and Cataloging)

Rochelle Anne Tillano College Librarian (Acquisition)

Maribel Climaco Library Assistant (College Library)
Edgardo Marquez Library Aide (e-Resources)

Rudiner Perez Library Aide (College Library)

Pictured here is the Reference Section located at the far end of the library.  It is designed to provide guidance, instruction and assistance to users in locating information.  Included in this collection are books with specific facts and provide quick information such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, bibliographic, indexes, atlases, gazetteers, almanacs, yearbooks, biographical sources, among others.


Volume of Books

Undergraduate theses, print & online journals

computer terminal with internet access

The Sections of the Library

General Circulation Section

Books in this collection cover a wide range of subjects, including Philosophy and Psychology, Religion, the Social Sciences, Languages, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Technology and the Applied Sciences, the Arts, Literature, are arranged according to their classification numbers on shelves along the reading area near the Circulation Counter.

Reserved Books

Books shelved here are those which are in high demand and have been designated by faculty members as required readings for their subjects.   These books are withdrawn from the open stack collection and placed close to the circulation desk so that they can be readily borrowed.  The Reserved Books collection is located behind the Circulation Counter.

E-Resource Area

Nineteen (19) computer terminals with internet access are available at the library’s e-Resources area and learning commons for research purposes.  Users may approach any of the library staff for assistance in accessing the library’s online databases.

Discussion Rooms

The Library Discussion Room is used by students for their research group meetings. This  may be reserved for group discussions (maximum of 8 users).  Students wishing to use the discussion rooms must secure the reservation forms indicating the topics for discussion, and the name of teacher 2 days before use.

Filipiniana Section

This collection consists of publications written by Filipino authors, published in the Philippines and abroad, and books written by foreign authors solely about the Philippines.   The Filipiniana collection is located at the end of the Reading Area.

Online Databases

EBSCOhost is a powerful online reference system accessible via the Internet. It offers a variety of proprietary full text databases, popular databases and e-books from leading information provides. In addition, EBSCOhost allows printing, emailing or downloading multiple articles.

EBSCOhost contains multidisciplinary collections includes more than 200, 000 e-books covering a large selection of academic subjects and features e-books from leading publishers and university presses.

Philippine E-Journals (PEJ) is an online bibliographic databases and repository of academic journals from different colleges, universities, and professional organizations in the Philippines.  It offers a wide array of academic journals of different academic disciplines. Philippine E-Journals is the product of the collaborative efforts of C&E Publishing and the participating educational institutions and organizations.

You can download our latest acquisitions for the new school year

Hold your group study at the library

A specific designated area of the library is dedicated for study group meetings.  Please reserve with our librarian at the front desk if you wish to use the room.