Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Amazing Science for Self-awareness and Appreciating  Mindfulness

        For sure you have watched the Olympics and have wondered at some point what motivates the athletes to go through great lengths and execute perilous stunts just to break their own records.
        Or perhaps you’ve been amazed with the success stories of the likes of Henry Sy or our late national artists such as Levi Celerio (Music),  Edith Tiempo (Literature), Alice Reyes (Dance), and Carlos “Botong” Francisco (Fine Arts).
        You probably have asked what made them reach the pinnacle of their careers and later on named as national artists. Surely, there must be a certain psychology that drove them to reach those great heights.
         Whether you enjoy seeking answers to mind-boggling human phenomenon or enjoy helping other people reach their potentials or simply to fulfill your dream of starting your own clinic someday, our four-year Bachelor of Science in Psychology Program will help you with the fundamentals, scientific methods and applications of human behavior.
      Our graduates truly make a difference to society with this program’s numerous applications in the field of Guidance and Counseling, Human Resource Development, Research, Medicine and Law.
      The bachelor of psychology also prepares the students for a Masters degree in Psychology which is currently offered at SPUQC.   They may be groomed to become licensed psychometricians for those who show inclination towards analysis and interpretation of data.
Competency standards are as follows:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of theories, principles, concepts, and skills in psychology by critically evaluating their relevance and applying them to current examples.
  • Apply this knowledge to make judgments and introduce approaches in an employment context.
  • Communicate the results of researches to both specialist and non-specialist audiences.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical dimensions of the use of psychological theories and methods.
Learning outcomes in Bachelor of Science in Psychology include:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the methods of psychological inquiry;
  • Apply psychological theories and their ethical dimensions in an employment or workplace context.

The undergraduate program, bachelor of psychological science, has a very active Psychology Society that organizes so many activities throughout the school year. 
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