Academic Programs

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Student Services


Below you will find a list of the service departments within the University.

EIAROExternal and Alumni Relations Office

This office was established to build institutional linkages with government and non-government entities for various non-academic projects of the school.

Guidance Center1Guidance Center

Committed to the formation of integrated Paulinian who is psychologically balance, well adjusted, competent and effective in human relationships with in the family, community and society. It offers a guidance program consisting of professional services which aims at helping one realize his/her full potential, growth and development.

Health ServicesHealth Services Unit

The Health Services Unit is strategically located within the University Campus, accessible to all the clients.

CSIR2Center for Social Innovation and Research

Center for Social Innovation and Research (CSIR) of SPUQC directs and coordinates the research and planning activities and other special projects approved by the President’s Council for the development of the students, faculty, staff, and the institution, as a whole.

SAOStudents Affairs Office

This office was established to oversee the general discipline and conduct of the students on and off campus.