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Guidance Services


The Guidance Center is committed to forming an integrated Paulinian who is psychologically balance, well adjusted, competent, and is effective in human relationships within the family, community and society.

It offers a guidance program which aims at helping one realize his/her full potentials, growth and development.


We, the SPUQC Guidance Staff, envision ourselves to be professionally competent partners in providing human relationships and facilitators in the integration of heart and mind towards individual’s wholeness in the formation of a truly Christ-centered Paulinian.

We commit ourselves to effective service for the realization of our self-actualization so that we may be capable and highly responsive in our efforts to help Paulinians meet realities of life.

Guidance Service

1. Information Service

This service not only guides the student to be familiar with the Guidance Services through orientation and re-orientation, but also, gives him/her an opportunity to receive the necessary information contributive to his/her holistic growth and development through seminars and training.

  • Orientation/Re-orientation
  • Seminars/Talk
  • Trainings/Workshops

2. Individual Inventory

It is a process of acquiring and updating documents and records pertinent to student’s personal information, academic performance, and other relevant data.

  • Personal Data File
  • Recommendation Forms
  • Counselor’s Notes
  • Routine/Exit Interview questionnaire
  • Test Results

3. Testing Service

The Counselor checks, consolidates, and makes a profile of the psychological test that has been administered to the student. The test result obtained are essential in arriving at an objective; assessment and better understanding of the student’s abilities, skills, potentials, and other factors that constitute her personality;

  • Admission Testing
  • Routine Testing
  • Employment Testing

4. Counseling

Counseling is the central activity of the Guidance Center. It helps the student achieve optimum growth and development through individual or group counseling sessions, interview, consultation, and group dynamic activities.

  • Routine Interview
  • Exit Interview
  • Shifting Interview
  • Counseling (Individual/Group)
  • Follow-up Session
  • Consultation

5. Career Development

The goal of this service is to prepare the student to become successful in his/her future career or vocation through active discernment.

  • Career Orientation
  • Career Talk
  • Career Counseling
  • Career Fair

6. Research and Evaluation

Research and Evaluation is a process fundamental to the continuing effort of the counselor to provide quality service to the student.

  • Test Profiles
  • Survey Reports
  • Evaluation Reports
  • Test Development

Guidance Team

Sr. Belinda Hernandez, SPC
Guidance Chairperson
Ms. Ana Charita C. Alvar, RGC,RPm
Guidance Counselor for College Department
Mary Edna Cunanan- aqua green uniform
Ms. Mary Edna U. Cunanan, MaEd
Guidance Counselor for High School Department
Ms. Maria Theresa L. Grimaldo, RPm
Sherr Alyssa Isaac
Ms. Sherr Alyssa J. Isaac, RPm
Guidance Associate for Grade School Department

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