Academic Programs

Caritas Christi Urget Nos

Bachelor of Secondary Education


4This four-year program produces competent teachers in the secondary level by integrating pedagogical principles, methods and strategies with sufficient skills and updated knowledge in their field of specialization. This degree will provide would-be-teachers with significant content knowledge to meet the needs of 21st century learners by specializing in English.

To become an English teacher, this degree program requires adequate coursework that includes structure of English, introduction to linguistics as well as stylistics, teaching of speaking, listening and reading, campus journalism, translation and editing of texts, language curriculum, different literatures subject, English for specific purposes, and many more. Content courses are align to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

The BSE-English Program aims to equip students with skills and competencies to meet the needs of professionals teachers for elementary and secondary school. Teaching is a truly meaningful career, and teaching and learning English is especially vital as the foundation for a world-class education. Teaching English and literature provides exceptional opportunities and personal rewards.