Academic Programs

Caritas Christi Urget Nos

Bachelor of Science


The Bachelor of Science in Biology Program provibes quality education through its innovative and learner-centered instruction, well-equipped laboratory facilities and highly competent faculty who are prolific in research, field work and scholarly activities.



The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program of SPUQC prepares students for a rewarding career in professional nursing. Our Nursing graduates are well-prepared to enter the nursing profession or pursue graduate studies leading to careers in teaching, research or advanced nursing practice.

Specifically, the Nursing Department of SPUQC aims to provide quality Paulinian education while instilling St. Paul’s 5 C’s-Christ-centered, Charity, Charism, Community and Commission-in its students in order to produce Paulinian Nurses who are competent to provide holistic, tender and loving care to the sick and needed.


9455The Psychology Department of SPUQC is committed to excellence in undergraduate education. The faculty and graduates are expected to be competent and ethical professionals imbued with a sense of personal and professional values committed to the science of psychology and its application to real-life situations. We train our students for graduate studies and help them become licensed psychometricians in order to provide quality service to people they cater to.

The  Bachelor of Science in Psychology Program provides adequate training for those interested in teaching, research and the practice of psychology.

The program also serves as a preparation for graduate students in psychology as well as further studies in other professions, such as medicine, law and business management.



The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy graduate is expected to:

Be Christ-centered, socially responsible and competent accountancy practitioner who upholds the integrity and ethical standards of her/his profession;

Possess the proficiency and technical knowledge necessary to perform the tasks of a professional accountant as demanded by both local and global markets;

Be endowed with necessary leadership qualities and skills that would enable her/him to participate effectively in the economic advancement of her/his family, community and country.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majors in:

  1. Management Accounting
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Human Resource Development Management

With two specializations available namely Marketing Management & Human Resource Development Management, SPUQC’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program is designed to prepare the students for managerial and supervisory positions both in corporate and non-profit organizations.

With the Business Administration program, student’s experiences are enriched by providing opportunities for them to apply knowledge and skills gained in the classroom, and by opening doors to new friendships, networking, professional growth, and even jobs.



SPUQC’s Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship Program aims to produce highly motivated entrepreneurs who are not just able to scan the environment and identify business opportunities, but more so can mobilize the necessary resources and opportunities on a continuing basis through the creation of a new enterprise.

The program strategically combines entrepreneurship education and training with the assistance of its community and industry partners by providing support that incubate and help the student entrepreneurs develop their own businesses.

Hotel and Restaurant Management

9460The Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management Program aims to produce globally competitive hoteliers and restaurateurs imbued with a strong sense of Paulinian values, professionalism and high ethical standards. To be more responsive to the manpower needs of the industry, the program has broadened its provision from managerial theories to the development of skills, competencies, essential attitudes, ethics and professional values to further train its students to adapt to changes throughout their career.

The SPUQC Hotel and Restaurant Management Society strives to form Paulinians into future leaders of the Hospitality industry. HRM graduates are committed to serve others as humble, responsible, and disciplined leaders as they contribute their knowledge and advocacies in the Hospitality industry.

Information Technology

9471The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Program aims to prepare students to hold key positions in the different fields of information and communications technology by providing them holistic and innovative learning on IT concepts, networking, systems analysis, systems design, systems development, project management, and programming tools and techniques, and to instill in them the importance of lifelong learning through advanced researches or degrees in computing systems; in order to play a strategic role in driving research, innovation, growth and social change in the Philippines.

Tourism Management


The Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management Program aims to develop in students their practical, technical and professional learning to the various components related to hospitality, travel and tour industry.

Under this four-year program, students will learn about the different components of tourism which include tour and travel operations, tourism planning, accommodation, transportation, food and beverage, events management, entertainment and recreation, tourism research and education, and other allied services for them to become high-spirited Tourism Professionals imbued with service culture, cross-cultural ethics as well as values.