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Caritas Christi Urget Nos


June 28, 2017

It was a rainy day but it has been said that raindrops are counted as blessings.
For our honoree, and for us, her colleagues here at SPUQC, it was a day to remember and be grateful for the blessings we have received through her gift
of person.

June 28, 2017 was a day of thanksgiving for the 30 years of loving service rendered by our colleague Dr. Clarissa F. Delariarte at St. Paul University Quezon City.

Her parents, husband and son were present, as well as the people she has
worked with through the years.

It was a time of remembering the past, celebrating the present and looking
forward to the future. It was a moment to share our experiences with Dr. Clai –
as a colleague, as a friend.

Clarissa Fontano started as a Guidance Counselor in August 1987. From there she became a faculty in the college department, then appointed as Program Chair of the Psychology Program until she became the Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences and
Education. It was a journey that had its own share of challenges which were all learning experiences for her.

Ms. Monina Bello, a close friend, enthusiastically hosted the gathering.

Testimonials for Dr. Clai as a friend, a colleague, a mother and a wife were given by Ms. Isis Ner, Ms. Cristy Price, Ms. Odette Apodaca, Dr. Ronel Dela Cruz, Dr. Madz Menor, Ms. Ces Claron, Ms. Cathie Abiva and Dr. Helen Rigor.

As we perform our responsibilities in the University, we need to communicate with others, however, sometimes our concerns, issues and responses come from different points of view. Dr. Buddy Evardone, Ms. Trish Parma and Ms. Erna Fernando gamely rendered the Joey Albert-Pops Fernandez hit song of 1984 “Points of View”. The differences in perspectives should not be a cause of conflict but should become learning experiences for all of us.

Sir Fil Cruz showed his dance moves with the song “Build Me up Buttercup” while Dr. Clai’s mom gamely joined him on the floor.

Ms. Price prepared a game called “Where in the World is Clai?” where she showed photos of Dr. Clai in various places and the participants had to guess the exact location. This showed to the participants that Dr. Clai has traveled in various places for professional gatherings and for personal and family vacations. Ms. Monique Miranda won the game as she could guess most of the places shown in the game.

A video presentation about Dr. Clai’s 30 years of loving service to SPUQC brought back beautiful memories to everyone. We remembered our own shared moments with her…with smiles, with laughter and with a sense of gratitude.

One of the highlights of the gathering was the presentation of the Service Award. Ms. Cathie read the text of the plaque and the University President, Sister Ma. Nilda Masirag, SPC presented it to Dr. Clai.

Dr. Clai gave an emotional message as she traced her journey at SPUQC for the past 30 years. She also mentioned that SPUQC was home for her for 34 years as she spent her college years as a Psychology student here. She expressed her gratitude for all the opportunities she had been given, and the people who had made her journey truly worthwhile. Sister Nilda also gave her message of gratitude for the committed and dedicated service that Dr. Clai has given to the University as she spelled out the
qualities and virtues exemplified by Dr. Clai using the acronym C L A I d’ G R E A T.

As Dr. Clai takes on a new journey, we pray that she takes on the opportunities with the same zeal, enthusiasm, dedication and commitment that she had given as a Paulinian educator.