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Caritas Christi Urget Nos


April 3, 2017

It is one of the reasons in which SPUQC employees  have  their annual retreat, each need a silence to reconnect with God and to ponder His message to us in all the moments of life. This year it was held at Betannia Retreat House, Tagaytay, last April 3-5, 2017. The facilitator, Dr. Erika Bolaños gave sessions about Paul, his conversion, his letters and his spirituality, and was assisted by Ms. Andrea Fojas and Ms. Lyne Jamilla. It was emphasized that the spirituality of Paul emanated from God and that he encouraged Christians to have discipline in mind, heart and body. Paul, the patron of the Paulinians, experienced a lot of brokenness during his time while preaching the good news to all and in building the Church but Paul considered his suffering and brokenness as an opportunity to be molded by God. Dr. Erika shared that even brokenness is a blessing and it is part and parcel of how God is molding, each person. “When we are broken, we realize that we are from God”, said Dr. Erika. She response to the sharing of Ms. Leony on the tragedy that her family had encountered and what her daughter told her, “hindi pagsubok, paghubog”, Dr. Erika said that, God’s wisdom trancsends age. Today to be a person of faith we need to consider doing mission to the new Areopagi, the new sectors in which the challenged the SPUQC employees to take part in proclaiming the Gospel in the new sectors in our country and in our world.