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Caritas Christi Urget Nos


May 13, 2017

After a series of sessions and consultations with Dr. William Spady, the father of OBE, representatives from the SPUS member schools formulated a new Paulinian Graduate Outcomes (PGO) based on the principles of outcomes-based education. The PGOs were presented during the 28th SPC Educator’s Congress held in Pasig City last May 13, 2017.

The  new  PGOs  will  serve  as  guide in designing syllabus of instruction, planning and implementing instruction, designing assessments, and managing classroom. The new PGOs will not only re-shape instruction and assessment but also the systems and processes in the university.

Each outcome has five attributes. These attributes are the performance standards that every Paulinian graduate must exhibit.

Ethical, Paulinian LEADERS and PROFESSIONALS, who:

  • Consistently adhere to acknowledged moral standards of decision making and behavior in their personal, professional and organizational affairs;
  • Declare and affirm the values and principles of honesty, transparency and fairness in their professional lives and endeavors;
  • Launch and sustain initiatives that openly advocate and tangibly uphold the rights and dignity of those seeking redress for injustices committed against them;
  • Articulate, advocate, and exemplify Paulinian ideals and values in their private and professional lives nurtured by prayer and a deep relationship with God;
  • Speak out to expose and redress violations of social and professional norms and principles whatever the consequences may be.

Cutting-Edge, Resilient VISIONARIES and INNOVATORS, who:

  • Anticipate potential social and technological changes and proactively pursue fruitful ways of responding to them;
  • Gather information on emerging trends in their field and propse novel ways they could incorporate them into their work;
  • Develop ideas for innovations in their field, testing meticulously their feasibility and utility;
  • Look beyond conventional approaches to challenges in their field and identify creative ways these could be addressed;
  • Explain significant setbacks they have experienced in life and the inner resources and ‘out of the box’ actions taken to address and overcome them.

Engaging, Trustworthy TEAM BUILDERS and MENTORS, who:

  • Invite open, non-judgmental communication with others, listening closely to the intent and spirit of their word and offering clear, constructive responses in return;
  • Clarify at the outset the substance and intent of all agreements and commitments made, making every effort to fulfill them and supporting others to do the same;
  • Publicly explain the purpose and potential benefits of all group endeavors, enlisting explicit agreement and support for them from participants before proceeding;
  • Initiate and develop jointly beneficial projects with colleagues in which plans and responsibilities are equitably shared, reliably carried out and honestly evaluated by all;
  • Openly share relevant insights, observations, and expertise with less experienced colleagues, offering guidance and support when requested.

Reliable, Productive EXPERT and IMPLEMENTERS, who:

  • Continuously set and diligently pursue high performance standards and improvement goals for themselves and for their organization.
  • Accurately describe the knowledge and skills that adept career professionals in their field consistently demonstrate, and evaluate whether theirs compare favorably;
  • Devote significant time and effort to upgrading their competencies, the quality of their work and the tangible benefits of these to their colleagues and clients;
  • Accomplish projects and related work that meet or exceed quality standards within agreed-upon timelines and resource limits;
  • Develop and regularly update a performance portfolio of their advancements in knowledge, techniques, and tangible accomplishments.

Dedicated, Transformative SUPPORTERS and STEWARDS of ALL CREATION, who:

  • Promote and actively participate in initiatives that advocate, and directly support the right of all creatures to exist and flourish;
  • Devise programs and strategies that shift the momentum of society toward consciously preserving and improving the viability of our planet’s eco-system;
  • Devote their time, talents, and resources to improving and maintaining the health and well-being of peoples especially the less privileged and underserved;
  • Mobilize others in advocating and implementing public policies and programs that foster justice, peace, solidarity, and respect for life and cultures;
  • Act decisively to inform others of ways they can tangibly reduce environmental pollution and improve the quality of life in their local and larger communities.