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December 10, 2016

the  frst  ever  Psychological colloquium at St. Paul University Quezon City was  held  on  December  10,  2016 at  the  Audio-Visual  Room  of  the University.    Spearheaded  by  the 3rd year Psychology students, the actvity was enttled “Looking Into a  Deeper  Aspect:  A  Psychological Research Colloquium”.

The  program  was  divided  to  three parts.    The  first  part  includes  the experiments  done  by  the  3rd  year Psychology  students  covering  topics about classical conditoning, social conformity, and dichotc listening. The second part was the theses presentaton  of  4th  year  Psychology students who got exceptonal marks with the following topics:  Resiliency of Bully Victms, The Efect of Animal Exposure on Stress, Facebook Addicton and Academic Performance, and The Efect of Writng a Leter of Grattude on the Subjectve Well-Being.  The last part of the program was the presentaton of research by Ms. Ghia Fernandez (MA Psychology) on  the  Degree  of  Competency  of Natonal Bookstore Cashiers.  Panels who were present include Ms. Cristna Price and Dr. Rigor.