As part of their Airline Service Management Class, the third year Tourism students of SPUQC had their series of trainings with World Aviation Partners and Training Center, Inc. at Domestic Road, Pasay City last September 11, 18 and October 2 and 9  for the first batch and November 6, 20 and December 2 and 4 for the second batch. 

World Aviation Partners & Training Center Inc. envisioned itself to operate as a training and developmental learning center to cater to individuals who wish to pursue their career in the aviation industry and other hospitality-related businesses as well as logistics and freight forwarded companies that have to comply with regulatory bodies such as ICAO and other government agencies.

The Tourism students were privileged to have the opportunity to train with the company for it has great facilities which include the L1 Door Single Lane Slide, Airbus A320 Door Trainer, Overwing Exit Double Lane Slide, and Cabin Service Mock-up, which are used to train students on how they would respond to several situations.

An Experience Worth Sharing

I still remember my first day of the training. We were asked to go infront, introduced ourselves and talked about how long we have been in our school, what MS programs we know how to use, and answered a rhetorical question “if you were given another life, what or who would you rather be?”   Before my turn was up, I already started to get nervous up to the point that I feel my whole body shaking.  And so I went infront, mustered all the courage at that instant and introduced myself.  But while doing that, I stuttered, fidgeted, failed to make the eye contact with my audience.  

short courses for international students

In other words, I didn’t connect with my audience.  And that was exactly what our trainors had wanted to eliminate.  They believe that confidence among the staff is very much needed in the tourism industry if the Philippine labor force is to remain competitive.

They want to develop our personality because a great personality will give us an edge at work, and in life in the long run.  Proper grooming was also taught specially in the following areas: how to dress up, how to apply make-up, and how to put on the best accessory anyone could wear which is a SMILE!  (I think it was an American actor, Mickey Rooney, who said that.) 

Proper grooming is a necessity because as front liners, we represent the company that we work for. And of course, we want to reassure our passengers that their flight is going to be fine and safe by presenting ourselves with a smile and infectious confidence.

Another part of the training is the process on how to evacuate passengers in case of an emergency landing.  Now this is one part which is so much fun.  We had hands-on experience for the first time. 

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So there were several commands that needed an opposite reaction.  Let’s say the captain said, “brace for impact” then the head cabin crew must inform all passengers to “bend down.” When the captain says “the aircraft is in full stop, emergency evacuation” then the head cabin crew must continuously shout to the passengers “emergency evacuate,” and while doing so, he must also assess whether the outside condition is safe for an emergency evacuation.

When the coast is clear, he must be able to open the door, inflate the slide, and evacuate all passengers within 90 seconds or less.   In this situation, presence of mind is needed. 

As a cabin crew, it is his responsibility to put all passengers out of harm’s way.  Number rule of thumb:  The safety of the passengers is our number one priority.

We had the chance to do the safety procedure demonstration that we usually see before an aircraft takes off.   There are so many things that I’ve learned in my short stint at World Aviation Partners and Training Center, Inc.   I think anyone who wants to work in the airline industry must train with them so that they’ll be equipped with the knowledge, the right attitude and personality that are required for the job. 

Indeed, I had a great experience and I hope all Tourism students will have the chance to do what were able to do.  More importantly, the whole experience added new skills and brought us closer to achieving our dreams.  With all these, we sense that it won’t be long before we actually soar!