Mass Communication:  How the Message has Been Affected by the Change of Medium (From AM Radio to Silver Screen to Hand-held Devices)

Communication: Moving beyond Broadway


One tracer study conducted by a Communication faculty in 2017 actually asked this question, “Have all roads led to Broadway?”   Broadway,  in this case, could refer to a lot of things. It may be a TV network, a radio station, a post-production outfit, a publishing company (newspaper or magazine), a PR agency, an advertising institution or an events management company.

It could also point to corporate communications, advertising, public relations and information departments of companies not related to mass communication.

The allusion to Broadway echoes what most, if not all, parents and teachers hope their children or students will end up in after graduating from the Communication course.

Given the complexity of the communications media nowadays and the speed with which the message is delivered and consumed on-demand by the various audiences at any time of day and anywhere in the globe, Broadway may even be a thing of the past.

The stage has shifted from the theater to a virtual platform of the internet.

bachelor of Arts in communication

There is much to learn.  Well, this is a good place to start.

Job titles that you can have when you finish Bachelor of Arts in Communication

PR Specialist, Eventologist, Communications Officer, Multimedia Producer, Writer, Journalist, Social Media Specialist, Corporate Communications Manager, Conference Organizer, Digital Marketer, Broadcast Media Practitioner, Publicist, Marketing Services Specialist, Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Advertising Executive, Information Officers, Communication Course Lecturer, Public Information Officer

Distances and time zones have actually been bridged or  dissipated (depending on how one looks at them) by the advances in new communications technology.   Having said this, the time to study Communication  and its fast evolution and effects on human lives and relationships had never been as interesting as they are today.    

SPUQC’s Bachelor of Arts in Communication exposes its students to a broad-based understanding of communication theory and research.  And it does this by focusing on media in all its forms. This includes a walk in the past to review how the progress in media, communication theories and approaches have contributed to the well-being of society, in general.  

Emerging areas that are fundamental in business communication such as development communication, website design, advanced visual communication, and digital post-production are tackled in the program.

Students in this major are expected to become familiar with the hot-button issues, trends, methods of the field, and to acquire advanced knowledge and master skills in one or more sub-areas of the discipline.

Competency standards in Bachelor of Arts in Communication

  • Designing and evaluating campaigns and communication;
  • Producing multimedia outputs while upholding professional ethics and standards;
  • Developing media-based learning systems and conducting media and market research.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication is a three-and-a-half-year program that integrates theory and practice to provide students with an exceptional skill set to help them become effective and ethical communication practitioners.

SPUQC upholds academic excellence by constantly adapting to the changing needs of the communications and media profession and to be at par with internationally set standards.

We acknowledge that new careers and job descriptions have likewise emerged. Titles have become totally descriptive and precise to depict the actual work involved.    

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